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Company Formation & Services

I can help you form a C-Corporation, S-Corporation, or LLC in any state.  Your resident state is usually the logical choice, but in some cases a low tax state such as Delaware or Nevada is a good option.  Advising as to which type of entity is best for your business can also be provided. 

Keep in mind that sometimes forming a corporation may not be necessary.  I can help you to determine whether it would be helpful to incorporate or not. 

Two things that every new corporation must consider are bookkeeping and a corporate bank account.  Payroll may also needed, if you plan to have employees.  For very small companies, I often recommend simply using a packaged bookkeeping software such as Quickbooks.  I use Quickbooks, so would be better equipped for advising you with issues regarding that program.  I do not recommend using Excel or a personal finance software such as Quicken or Money.  These methods would fall short in providing you with the financial information in the format most helpful for both operations and year end reporting.

It is highly recommended that you open a corporate bank account and strictly keep company funds separate from personal ones.  This will help you to be taken seriously as a businessperson by the IRS and others as well as make it much easier to track your business progress and give an accurate accounting picture.  Any bank that will give you a good deal will work fine.